What Kinds of Discounts and Refunds Could I Expect During this Pandemic?

Posted on: April 25, 2020
Car Insurance Discounts During a Pandemic Quarantine / Civil Trial Attorneys / Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers / Orlando Oviedo Winter Springs Altamonte Sanford / Beers and Gordon P.A.During a global and nationwide pandemic, when few cars are on the road leading to fewer accidents, one of the easiest things to conclude is that auto insurance companies are profiting from legal requirements that make it impossible for policy holders to cancel their coverage without facing consequence. For them, that means millions of customers paying to protect vehicles that aren’t moving. But in a free market with intense pressure to avoid angering people, a large majority of these insurance companies are now offering discounts and rebates, a seemingly proactive decision to ensure they remain competitive enough not lose customers to the next insurance company offering better savings.

So what should you expect from your insurance company? The simple answer is that it depends on the company. For example, USA Today has provided a healthy list of the most prominent auto insurance companies offering relief during these weeks of COVID-19 orders to stay-at-home. Among them, readers can see a 20% refund from AAA, a 15% discount from Allstate, and a $50 refund from Nationwide. But the longer answer, especially for those who have their auto insurance through a smaller company, is that you may need to reach out and ask. But should you begin to sense that your insurance company is less than cooperative in this time of uncertainty, it may be wise to reach an attorney for a free consultation, just to ask about your rights as a consumer.

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