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By now, everyone and their mother has heard about the biggest sensation to hit Broadway since West Side Story. You
The idea of a "free consultation" probably sounds ideal for anyone wishing to talk over their case with a legal
Toward the end of last week, Central Florida residents learned that construction on the Oviedo Medical Center off Red Bug
This weekend, as Orlando prepares to host the NFL Pro Bowl (a game typically played in Hawaii), the NFL is
These days, we face a nation at odds with itself over the best approach to making and enforcing laws. One
If you live anywhere in East Orlando, chances are, you've encountered the orange-coned roads of State Road 50. Particularly for
Remember the days when you went to search for something on Google and there was no auto-complete? Or to put
Saturday and Sunday were unexpectedly tragic for many families in the Southeastern United States. Between the heavy rains and intermittent
Let's face it. U.S. democracy is a complicated and often insufferable part of the American experience. But where emotions run
At one time or another, all of us have probably been annoyed with someone who failed to notice the light
Any of us fortunate enough to be healthy and happy are always at risk of taking for granted the burdens
In 2015, the UAB School of Medicine published an informative outline of spinal cord injuries with the intention of keeping
On December 10, 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. accepted the Nobel Peace Prize acknowledging, somewhat wry and mournfully, that
Two days before this past Christmas, James and Bethany Modisette filed a general and gross negligence claim against Apple, Inc.
Over the last decade, claims of ADA discrimination have risen dramatically. Critics argue that lawyers who defend ADA clients are
In order to demonstrate "willful or wanton disregard" in the eyes of the law, there would need to be a
This week, Seminole County students went back to school for the winter/spring semester following Orange County's return the week before.
For more than a century, the Oviedo Woman's Club has been connecting with members of the community, uniting their efforts
During the month of January, the Florida Highway Patrol is reminding drivers of the 2002 Move Over law, which states
Almost twenty years ago, age discrimination suits were at an all time low, with under 15,000 cases filed under the
A 2015 Harris Poll ranked the most prestigious occupations based on input from 2,223 adults in the United States. Out
Four nights before 2-year-old Lane Graves was snatched from the shoreline of a Disney hotel and one night before the
In 2011 and 2012, respectively, Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw, both Hall of Fame winning quarterbacks, stated that they would
Human bodies have an extraordinary ability to adapt, especially under pressure. And during the first day or two after a
The latest viral video appears to show a Tesla autopilot predicting an accident just moments before impact, allowing it to
On the night of December 2, flames engulfed the first floor of an Oakland "Ghost Ship" warehouse with at least
Earlier this year, Florida State University joined with the Florida Department of Transportation to draft a report called Envisioning Florida's
Current and former Walmart workers in Pennsylvania began receiving payouts earlier this month after a decade-long class action lawsuit over
I have always thought of Christmas time, when it has come round as a good time; a kind, forgiving, charitable,
Records were made to be broken. And thanks to everyone who came out on December 10 for the Candy Cane
Earlier this month, AAA and the Foundation for Traffic Safety published a study on Acute Sleep Deprivation and its relationship
Chances are, if you had a fairly small car accident and both cars are still running, any approaching officer will
As far back as 1991, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) was reporting that roughly 20% of all auto
This year, a great deal of attention has been placed on those undeniably soured NFL ratings. Games that would normally
Rob Reiner forever immortalized the courtroom in 1992. Back then, every hired attorney was competing with the likes of Tom
When your car gets damaged in an accident, repairs can be measured by parts and labor. When injuries put you
Almost anyone who has ever been treated by the angels of emergency medicine can probably acknowledge that the highest levels
Officers received a call of shots fired at the Eureka Gardens apartment complex in Jacksonville. A 15-year-old boy, the victim
Back in the early 20th Century, President Teddy Roosevelt set in motion the idea of a Gentlemen's Agreement when he
This Saturday morning at 8am, runners from Winter Springs, Oviedo, and the rest of Central Florida will be meeting at
Since Monday, the Florida Department of Transportation has been promoting Older Driver Safety Awareness Week, which "aims to promote understanding
In the early morning hours of June 28, 2015, Chloe Arenas was on her way to pick up her family
The lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson may be hard to keep track of these days, but they are not without
Beers and Gordon has been a long time supporter of HOPE Helps, an organization that seeks to prevent and reduce
For several years now, the US Department of Transportation (USDOT) has been seeking input from citizens and residents from all
For more than a decade, online search habits have been a powerful metric for advertisers looking to market a product
Last week's Chattanooga bus crash was a frightening wake up call to school districts charged with maintaining responsible drivers for
Cyber Monday has been part of the American conversation for the better part of a decade, but as more and
Whether you're a Black Friday enthusiast or an otherwise reluctant shopper, today is one of those consumer traditions that now
As you awake to the smell of a turkey baking and the sound of familiar voices laughing, there may be
For many Americans, especially those who drive an older vehicle, traveling to a new city for Thanksgiving means getting to
Today still marks a troubled memory in the life of many aging parents and grandparents. Back in 1963, a nation
AAA and the IHS are projecting that 2016 will see the highest number of Thanksgiving travelers since 2007. Together, they
While it's true that Christmas decorations keep going up earlier and earlier from year to year, Thanksgiving still marks the
Just a few years ago, all of us marveled at the one thing a Toyota Prius couldn't do: make noise.
For more than a decade, the Oviedo-Winter Springs Life magazine has been sharing positive and uplifting stories about the local
According to the most recent data from the CDC, teenagers and young adults are most likely to die from an
Over the weekend, former Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Rams Running Back, Isaiah Pead, was ejected from his vehicle after
Are you a good driver? Are you sure? Would others say the same if they were your passenger? These were
The quiet angels of State Road 417, Interstate 4, and the ever-growing State Road 429 may just be the guardrails.
In the days leading up to last night's truly unpredictable presidential election, Americans were filled with anxieties over how the
Remember years ago, when you saw that first email from a so-called Nigerian prince claiming he could wire money to
With so much anxiety over the coming election, there may be no better time to share the story of Amanda
October was the last month of the year in which Used Car Dealers were likely to dip their prices before
In a year of unprecedented political theater, Congress passed a law in September allowing 9/11 families to sue international governments
A high number of Central Florida voters prefer to cast their ballots on Election Day as part of a long
Last week, another jury spoke in favor of a California woman whose attorneys argued that her ongoing use of Johnson
In 2014, the National Safety Council (NSC) recorded more than 6,000 pedestrian deaths and nearly 150,000 injuries on Halloween alone.
Car accidents always catch drivers off guard. Neither party wants to see a broken fender. Neither party wants to make
Earlier this month, President Obama spoke to a group of engineers at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) for the White House
Orange County drivers beware. In 2016 alone, officials have reported at least 400 incidents in which a vehicle was seen
Facebook and Twitter may still dominate the overall world of social media, but a rising generation of millenials have drifted
If you missed all the Samsung drama over the last few days, here is the long and short. On October
After an auto accident, having a police officer present to hear your side of the story can be comforting, but
When you think of diamonds, you probably don't think of Costco. Nor should you. But after several years of selling
Every automobile in the State of Florida requires, at the very least, a form of liability insurance called Personal Injury
If you were in the crowd of a gazillion science fiction lovers in 2014, you braced yourself when news broke
Before the end of 2016, Seminole County residents may be able to say that traffic accidents decreased in their region
In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, some of you may have experienced property damage. This could include everything from roof
Last Thursday night, as the edges of Hurricane Matthew were beginning to wreak havoc on the eastern coast of Florida,
For the most part, Floridians were breathing huge sighs of relief on Friday evening after Hurricane Matthew skirted the coastline
Due to the shifting nature of Hurricane Matthew, counties all across Central Florida have opened shelters and issued safety curfews.
In 2005, Americans watched as Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Southeastern United States. Nearly 2,000 lives were lost in one of
By Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, residents in the southeastern tip of Florida will be bracing for the eye of
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was a legal turning point in the fight for American equality. Employers and property
When you think of the Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA), you tend to think of accessibility. You think of designated
At the end of last summer, Yahoo! made news for the first time in years. The mega-giant Verizon had just
In 2015, Florida residents and visitors were involved in nearly 100,000 hit and run accidents. If that sounds bad, consider
Over the past 15 years, CrossFit has become an outstanding model for advanced exercise and interval training. Central Florida has
Messes happen in grocery stores all the time. Things fall. People spill. But if those messes happen and no one
Tonight, at 9pm, two of the most controversial presidential candidates in U.S. history will arrive on the same New York
Most of us remember--at least vaguely and sometimes humorously--the story of a woman who sued McDonald's because her coffee was
At the turn of the century, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established to improve the safety of
The World Wide Web can often be an unreliable, yet plausible echo chamber. Google allows us to search for anything
As far back as the 1960s, an International Conference on the Biological Effects of Asbestos was already demonstrating to the
Approximately one year ago, on September 11, 2015, a small twin-propeller plane crashed under foggy conditions during the filming of
Yesterday marked a powerful statement for all cases of wrongful death--particularly within the black community--after the family of Sandra Bland
On Wednesday afternoon, police confirmed the arrest of Joseph Schreiber, the man alleged to have set fire to an Islamic
Over the last decade, car manufacturers have been held accountable for defects that impact consumers. In many cases, a manufacturer
If only the human body were invincible. Perhaps no one would ever get sick. But as it stands, our bodies
Remembering September 11 will always be hard. But remembering the days after will be even harder. Tragedies get seared in
When we successfully overcome a chronic or life-threatening illness, everything from heart disease to cancer, it can be difficult to
Survival is the first aim of any cancer treatment, but when there are multiple treatments to achieve that end, the
The current process for developing cancer-killing drugs is both complex and expensive. While some companies are successful in finding and
Breast cancer impacts about 12 percent of the U.S. population and one of the drugs being used to treat it
The American labor force has long been the root of our national pride. And the most well known celebration of
For several years now, the crew at Tesla Motors have been on the front lines of two automobile engineering achievements:
In 2013, the Nationwide Children's Hospital conducted a study outlining the twenty year history of catastrophic injuries to children at
When someone leaves the scene of an accident, chances are, they feared the consequences of sticking around. But fear should
Last week, the Hilton Garden Inn agreed to a settlement of $4 million in lost wages after the company had
As Florida children returned to school earlier this month, parents also returned to a familiar scene: the car line. In
Most of us would prefer to stay out of a hospital or a doctor's office our entire lives if it
Two years ago, an Orlando community felt Orange County had not done enough to keep them safe in their neighborhood.
The blurred line between affordable health care and quality health care often seems hard to distinguish. As a society, we
Both practically and legally speaking, the root cause for pain and suffering is that of inconvenience. Prior to an accident,
The benefits of a keyless ignition do not outweigh the costs, say the daughters of a Central Florida woman who
An off-duty Glades County Sheriff's deputy was killed on Thursday night, July 28, after being tossed from his motorcycle when


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