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Last week, former president Jimmy Carter put on a brave and determined face, at age 94, after a fall in
One of the most important roles of a personal injury attorney is to evaluate each potential case on its own
Imagine parking your car, going into work, then walking out to find your vehicle has rolled backwards, into another car
Ride Smart Florida has been focused this month on how to best ensure we limit, or at the very least
While we've noted that the I-4 Ultimate Project is more than halfway done, that hasn't necessarily alleviated the immediate and
If you work late, go to bed late, or simply struggle with insomnia, and you've been awoken by power tools
Setting aside the hurricanes, the wildfires, and the funny things people sometimes say about Florida (or the Florida Man), Orlando
When doctors over-prescribe a painkiller, leading to the fatalities of multiple patients over several years, the legal blow back is
In the fight against Florida's opioid epidemic, the attorney general asked legislators to give her access to our state's prescription
For those of us who have lived in Central Florida for the past decade, the I-4 Ultimate Project has started
As you prepare for your Monday morning commute after Cinco de Mayo, please drive with added caution, bearing in mind
The decision last December, by Judge Beth Bloom of the Southern District of Florida, to throw out a case of
During the final days of Distracted Driving Awareness Month, the Florida House and Senate passed a bill onto the governor
Losing the ones we love, suddenly, and tragically, as a result of someone else's negligence, is a cost that we
Nearly two weeks after a massive recall of baby sleepers by Fisher-Price, the same consumer product protection agency has issued
It's hard to imagine anyone arguing against a texting while driving ban in Florida, which is why a recent Senate
The sudden loss of a 10-year-old Orlando boy, struck by a semi truck on his way home from school Wednesday,
Drivers can easily be spooked by a major storm and the torrential downpours that impair their visibility, but a recent
When a consumer product agency issues a recall, distributors have to make a crucial decision with little delay. So when
Have you ever noticed when major lawsuits are filed sometimes months or years after an accident and then wondered why
Late last month, the governor extended a suspension of fees and penalties for Sunpass and TOLL-BY-PLATE customers while the system
For some, today may be a time for thinking of the cross. For others, it may be the remembrance of
Nearly 20% of the US population battles with stress and anxiety, with not having enough "me time" to process or
Imagine playing a part in the future of Florida transportation, helping to influence decision makers about the needs of your
While the opioid crisis is already a strain on victims and their families, the courts are also facing pressure, with
Coincidentally, the day after we posted a warning to parents about the fatal risk to infants with the Rock and
If you recognize the image below, Consumer Reports has now been able to tie at least 32 infant fatalities to
We all know a fleet of self-driving cars are in the works. We all know they're coming. But Ford, Uber,
According to a recent study by APM, for every 100 residents in Seminole County, there were 53 opioid prescriptions dispensed
With the sudden, but severe storm and 60 mph winds that hit Lake Mary and parts of Northeastern Seminole County
Despite all the studies that suggest multitasking is a myth, a myriad of drivers can still be seen looking down,
According to the National Safety Council, at least nine Americans die and 100 are injured in distracted driving crashes every
As you approach the scene of an accident, the lights, the crash, the people standing by in frustration, it's hard
You might be tempted to roll your eyes or laugh if you heard that The Weather Channel had been sued
While 34 doctors in Virginia have already lost their right to practice medicine for overprescribing painkillers, roughly 25,000 medical professionals
After visiting with an attorney to discuss an accident, you may have had a lot to process. That's perfectly okay,
Around this time of year, accident victims have a good reason to wonder about the taxability of lost wages, along
Of the new changes at Disney beginning on May 1, no smoking and the ban of certain strollers, it's the
While the I-4 Ultimate Project comes with a heavy cost, as well as an ongoing, increased risk of accident during
In most law firms, legal assistants and paralegals are the first face, the first welcome, the first smile that a
As our kids return from Spring Break, about 3,000 students from Lake Mary High School will be doing so with
The term "autopilot" refers to a program installed on certain vehicles that can navigate those vehicles without requiring human intervention
While it is by no means any consolation for those who lost homes and faced horrifying tragedy, two of last
An accident that seriously injured four children along the beach in Volusia County on Wednesday afternoon has many people scratching
In the months that followed the death of six people after a bridge collapse at FIU last March, MCM, the
What happens when you mix a newly successful gaming company with a long-standing car company, and both businesses want to
The boom of the interstate highway system during the mid-1960s was like a new frontier for those who had never
The purpose of the interstate highway system, which really got going in the 1950s, was to link together cities with
Did you know the average cost for a gallon of gas in 1956 was between twenty and thirty cents? Can
Honda is known for making cars that last a lifetime (or at least a little longer than your average vehicle).
With all the travelers who pass through Florida, and our pocket of the state in particular, the risk of bumping
New legislation has been proposed by an Orlando congressman, aimed at improving employer knowledge of heat related injuries and illnesses,
With all the talk of opioids, the loosening of federal funds to aid an epidemic, and states like Florida reigning
Cheryl McDonald watched her father battle stomach cancer, then slip and fall in an accident that shattered his elbow, causing
For Norwegian cruise passengers, en route from New York City to South Florida on Sunday, sudden winds, upwards of 100
For most of American presidential history, inaugurations were held on March 4, until the January change back in the 20th
Part of the appeal for a Central Florida life is the well-manicured lawns and scattered palm trees, made possible and
On Thursday morning, both Hyundai and Kia announced a shared recall on half a million vehicles built between 2012 and
You'd be hard pressed to travel more than a mile in any direction across Central Florida without seeing an orange
During Sunday's Academy Award ceremony, the In Memoriam video, highlighting those actors, directors, producers, and professionals in the world of
After the sudden and tragically unexpected death of her sister in early 2018, Pat Santiago worked with local officials to
We tend to think of the local fire department as the group most directly associated with putting out fires when
Every case is different. It's impossible to determine what your case may be worth without fully reviewing all the circumstances
Whether a car accident is major or minor, one thing is certain, many victims play it cool, conveying to those
Anyone in Central Florida who uses public transportation knows the consistency and the reliability of the LYNX bus to get
Often relegated to the back of any popular account of American history, President Herbert Hoover presided over the early breadlines
The Daytona 500, our biggest race of the year in Florida, starts at 2:30pm on Sunday afternoon. And that means
While there is and should be joy in the celebration of Valentine's Day, for loved ones and couples, today is
Chances are, in an accident where your car is totaled or, at the very least, significantly damaged, you will be
In Central Florida, with so much traffic, unpredictable weather, and heavy construction, there's a good chance that you, or someone
In the early morning hours on Sunday, a vehicle crashed into a fire truck on I-4, near Orange Blossom Trail,
History has begun catching up with the Sackler family, owners of Purdue Pharma, the makers and marketers of OxyContin. Enough
As more and more documents are unveiled regarding the multi-state case against Purdue Pharma, the Connecticut-based pharmaceutical company that introduced
The weather may be warming in Central Florida and the temperatures up north may still be frigid, but there's one
On Tuesday, one of the I4 Ultimate workers was killed in Winter Park after an iron pipe struck him on
Love them or hate them, the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots found another way to win on Sunday night,
Car insurance, at its core, is designed to do precisely what it says: insure cars. But at what cost? And
A massive and urgent recall was expanded on Thursday morning as Tris Pharma acknowledged higher than healthy concentrations of their
There's a good chance that "burden of proof" is a phrase you've heard at one point or another. Maybe a
You would think drivers would know better. Yet with all the warnings, all the stories, all the attention on Tesla
A hospital in Columbus is taking garnering unpleasant attention after 34 people received life-threatening doses of fentanyl from a doctor
Imagine the day you get pulled over and the lights behind offer the glaring shadow of a car you're not
A new piece of legislation in the Florida capitol, referred to as Senate Bill 106, would create a state license
The Florida Department of Transportation has always emphasized safety as a major component of its many statewide initiatives, but in
In one of the biggest settlements of any hip replacement case in US history, 46 state attorneys general were able
One of the many reasons Martin Luther King Jr. resides in the consciousness of most Americans, even among those who
Trying to find a silver lining in the midst of an undeniable epidemic of drug overdoses and drug addiction, something
The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday that the tone of a Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, regarding autonomous
One hundred years ago today, when the United States Congress certified and ratified the Eighteenth Amendment, prohibiting the manufacture, sale,
Try to imagine the car you drive today, but a little bit different. Okay, maybe a lot different. Turns out,
Over the weekend, more than a dozen people were hospitalized and one person died on the scene of a mass
En route to the last leg of their cruise on Friday, passengers aboard the Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas
Nearly two million cars in North America were recalled on Wednesday, one of the largest in history, as a result
In early 2014, Barrett Riley, a teenage driver, was ticketed for speeding in his parents' Tesla. He was going 114
As many discover after the fact, after an accident, the personal injury protection you acquired on your policy, otherwise known
In a searing book that was published last August, acclaimed author, Beth Macy, highlights a long history of addiction to
If you turned on the television or flipped radio stations between Thursday and Friday afternoon, no doubt you heard about
The very idea of talking about money after the holidays is about as enjoyable as personally requesting a root canal
Football may not be everybody's game, but a few hundred thousand hearts from Central Florida were beating in Arizona on
If you were working at the time of an accident, using your own car to achieve an objective for your
As we look back on 2018, our firm has been blessed to serve the Central Florida community, offering support and
Central Florida may be home to dozens of bike-friendly roads and trails, but that doesn't mean everyone is biking. Considering
Our kids are pretty smart. They really are. But Central Florida kids are simply not used to so much cold
While many of us think of Christmas in Florida or even a trip to the snowy roads of New England,
If you or someone you love has been the victim of a personal injury or a motor vehicle accident, please
For many across Central Florida, 2018 has been a hard year, emotionally and financially. And the Ocala Police Department knew
Imagine tunnels below Boston and New York City and Chicago, but not for subways. Imagine tunnels for your car, an
Thursday brought plenty of reminders about wet roads and slick tires. On top of all the tornado warnings and the
At least 70 homes were reported as having damage, with one mention of personal injury, after a possible tornado hit
Perhaps you already have Personal Injury Protection and a cadillac of coverage to ensure you, your family, and your property
On any given week, construction workers on the I-4 Ultimate Project can exceed 1,000. Despite such a high volume of
On Wednesday, Reuters published a report saying that Johnson and Johnson had known for decades that asbestos was in its
Amusement parks are obligated by law to disclose any situations involving visitors who face more than 24 hours of hospitalization,
Last month, the beloved actor Steve Carell was hit from behind while riding his bicycle in Los Angeles. He was
You may remember a small film from a few years back that earned Julia Roberts an Academy Award, a film
When Elon Musk has something to say, he has a fairly wide audience waiting in the wings to hear if
It might not be a local story, but it's a story worth telling. Last month, an EMT/paramedic in Connecticut noticed
When our firm makes reference to "board certified civil trial attorneys," this really is an important distinction. The Florida Bar,
Right after Thanksgiving, as students were heading back into school after a week of family, friends, and food, a bus
Floridians know that alligators tend to mind their own business, but we also know that they can be aggressive when
On Friday night, a man who helped guide the United States through the end of the Cold War and the
Suicide is a difficult topic for everyone, but moreso among those who have known or lost someone as a result.
While it is true that most people who get ticketed for an accident are probably at fault, this is not
A new AAA report has highlighted a problem that many drivers, particularly in Florida, may not have realized. According to
Even though autonomous vehicle manufacturers know that self-driving cars have a lesser risk of being involved in an accident than
The Friday before Thanksgiving, Venus Williams was finally able to settle a wrongful death suit filed against her from the
Everyone knows Thanksgiving runs shorter and shorter, with Black Friday deals cutting into the festivities and stores opening up as
From all of us at the firm, from each of our families, and for all those we love, Beers and
Not since 2005 have we seen such a high number of predicted travelers over the week of Thanksgiving. AAA has
Even though Floridians, like the residents of any state, are required to carry some kind of insurance on their vehicles,
Walgreens is that place you think about running when you feel achy and need some cold medicine. Or when you
More than twenty years ago, a number of organizations across the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims (FEVR) agreed to
Local hearts are always extended to the victims and the families of tragedy. Perhaps none moreso than the 49 people
Earlier this month, tragedy struck a community in southwestern China, leaving 15 people dead and many people asking questions about
Accident victims often steer clear of a lawsuit because they believe they have no case, or worse, that they actually
To all our veterans, those whose loss has earned them a Purple Heart and those whose service has earned them
Within the last several days, Florida Hospital broke ground on a new stand alone emergency room in Oviedo, a 19,000
Imagine waking up after a surgery you elected to have and finding out that one of your organs was removed
While a wide range of Floridians were keeping tabs on the many races for House, for Senate, and for our
As polls have opened for Election Day in Central Florida, a few last things. 1. The polls will close at
Last month, a graduate of Orange County Public Schools filed a negligence suit against her former school district with allegations
Over the past several weeks, two negligence lawsuits have been filed against Tesla, one in Utah and one in Florida,
Early last month, foster baby Khloe Williams was staying with a babysitter when a dog was released from its crate
More than nine thousand kids every year are injured or killed from being too close to a moving vehicle, and
Underneath most of our streets run a series of water mains, which pump residential and commercial water from one place
This "permanent injury within a reasonable degree of medical probability" clause does not have to be an injury that is
Several days ago, the driver of a GMC Envoy slammed into the back of Chevy Silverado as both vehicles were
If you haven't experienced it, you can probably imagine it. You get into an accident, exchange information with the other
Sometimes a company will make decisions based on the results of a class action lawsuit, but often, companies make decisions
Since 2012, Lyft has been a competitive transportation company up against the likes of Uber and every major taxi business


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