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Deciding which day to have Thanksgiving may seem like an intimate choice for your family and friends who come over
When AAA declares that more than 55 million travelers will go away for Thanksgiving this year, they're referring to those
The World Wide Web is littered with meandering answers to the question of how likely, if at all, a person
Just ahead of the weekend, we reported that Amtrak was dealing with the blow back of two fatal accidents, each
As you plan for Thursday, and all the great meals you prepare with the family, one thing we recommend that
Tragedy struck Longwood with another train accident on Friday night, this one unrelated to SunRail, but troubling just the same.
Tesla founder Elon Musk has drawn some attention for his comments last month, saying, "While it's going to be tight,
Last week, Governor Ron DeSantis was in Orlando with Secretary of Transportation, Elaine Chao, promoting the future of the BUILD
Last week, for the fourth time in five years, an employee died at the Memphis branch of a FedEx hub,
Fifty six years ago, the Bell Telephone company introduced a new trend that would change the interface of every American
Motor Vehicle Recalls are becoming more and more proactive, rather than reactive, with dealers and manufacturers finding problematic issues on
Kamyar Samimi was an Iranian immigrant who became a lawful permanent resident in the 1970s, but died in 2017 while
When we think of the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, we often think of Rosa Parks and that historic moment
In 2018, Florida drivers experienced 402,592 crashes, accounting for a total of 3,174 fatalities and 254,873 injuries, but roughly 40,000
Since the final days of World War I and the early days of World War II, Americans have honored their
Picture a scenario in which you look away from the road in a light rain, but only for a moment,
Surgeons of every kind have had to rethink the post-op conversation in the last several years, sometimes even telling patients
Only a few hundred votes separated the top two candidates for Oviedo's new mayor on Tuesday, but in the end,
wenty five years ago, in the 1994 Florida case of Engle v Liggett Group Inc, plaintiffs from a class action
The danger of trains and the risk of getting caught on the tracks, for many, goes back farther than even
With limited availability, a small new clinic appears to have just opened up in Sanford for those without insurance, those
Every school district, and private school, and charter school, and day care makes different decisions about how best to celebrate
Remember that story from a few months ago, about the grounding of all 737 MAX airliners in the United States
This might be an eery week to talk about driving in fog, but the fact is, Central Florida drivers have
Less than a week ago, Mylan Pharmaceuticals issued a recall of Alprazolam, otherwise known by its brand, Xanax. The recall
Supported by the I-4 Ultimate Project Art Endowment Committee, Winter Park has just announced, with a $150,000 allotment, that it
Earlier this year, a South Florida anesthesiologist from Broward County lost control of his vehicle, a Tesla Model S, as
This week, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration took time to remind parents that for teens, aged 15 to 18
Parents in St. Cloud, moms and dads who were concerned about the risk of an accident for their children at
The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit is referred to by Universal Orlando as a "rip roaring rush" with a "high tech
Almost every time we talk about self-driving cars or vehicles with an autopilot feature, we end up talking about accidents
On Monday, Ohio residents witnessed a settlement between four major drug companies and two local counties, an agreement to compensation
Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) arranged a November meeting to address and adopt a series of recommendations
Tropical Storm Nestor might not have brought hurricane force winds to Florida, but the storm wreaked enough havoc to cause
The artificial waterways that adorn our state, allowing for better irrigation, access, flood control, and recreation, are currently being discussed
Parents picking up their kids this month may have encountered a few officers nearby, giving warnings to any driver still
Smart Growth America is a US non-profit organization that advocates for safer and more effective communities around the nation. But
With the advent of backup cameras and the standard issue protocol that they be on every new vehicle, drivers now
According to the World Health Organization, statistics suggest that every 40 seconds, someone passes the point of no return and
Two years ago, in the wake of 12 heat-related deaths at an assisted living facility in South Florida, state officials
With all that Orlando represents to the rest of the world, from Disney and Universal to Skylines and Sports Venues,
The whole idea feel like a long time coming, but the latest technology sweeping through the motorcycle world is an
For all the talk of distracted driving, including all the new and necessary laws in Florida and around the country
When asked, in 2016, whether drivers had engaged in aggressive driving at least once in the prior year, the answer
Within the past seven days, Interstate 4 has been turned into a parking lot over several hours, on two separate
Back in the old days, the only car you could communicate with from a distance was on Knight Rider. Michael
Renting anything from someone else, be it a ladder, or a lawn mower, or a Uhaul pickup truck, involves a
If contracts and laws had always been made simpler, then the legal profession would have maintained a simpler language, but
Finding out that a parent or a grandparent or a great grandparent fell, somewhere in their home or your home
Early on Friday morning, Tracy Vickers, a respected, decorated, and veteran Florida Highway Patrol trooper was killed when his patrol
Have you ever wondered how a driver can fly past you on the interstate and seemingly never get caught? Shouldn't
For all the talk of opioids and overprescribed pain killers, there is one group of compassionate professionals who get overlooked
Sunrail is on board now. They realize it's gotten out of hand. The accidents. The fatalities. The criticism. And especially
With all the chatter of seemingly dysfunctional politics, a great deal of successful legislation and successful progress is overlooked in
When "vaping" was introduced into the American mainstream market in 2006, it was pitched as the "safe" alternative to actual
Over the last several years, as the general population has remained cautiously optimistic, though reasonably resistant to the idea of
Years ago, drivers and passengers had to be convinced that putting on a seat belt might save their lives. And
In order to minimize the frequency of children being endangered during an accident, Traffic Safety Marketing has a Find the
Over the last several months, Central Florida residents have spoken up and out, regarding transportation issues in their neighborhoods and
Far from the world near Central Florida rests a similar land, a Disney-land, if you will, in Anaheim, California. And
Across Central Florida, several businesses have already taken into account the role of first responders both in our state and
When Nick Foles signed with the Jacksonville Jaguars during the offseason, the Super Bowl winning quarterback from Philadelphia was expected
In September of 2017, Chris Connor was in the midst of a 13-mile run when he experienced a heart attack
For anyone with health issues, the notion that multiple emergency rooms are just a mile or two from your house
By now, as Central Florida residents settle into the weekend, relieved that their own properties and their own lives were
For those who understandably took a few days to wander away from Florida, steering clear of any Hurricane Dorian threats,
Teachers, counselors, and school administrators do a tremendous amount of work to support the academic, psychological and behavioral needs of
Far from the threat of Hurricane Dorian, global reinsurance experts will soon be meeting, on September 8, to discuss and
Consider the following scenario. You and a neighbor exchange glances ahead of a hurricane. You are preparing your house for
Minus a few notable exceptions, vicarious liability refers to the right of an accident victim to sue the employer of
We all know the feeling. The urgency of running late. The sense everything in the world is making it hard
When the rumors of a hurricane start surging across the ears of Florida residents, everyone contemplates their own preparation. Some
With the exception of one storm from 1992, the costliest hurricanes on record have happened within the last 15 years,
Buying a water bottle is like buying a portable coffee mug. You consider how it looks and whether it will
By now, rumors of an impending Hurricane Dorian hovering over our friends and our families in Puerto Rico have become
For several decades, Johnson & Johnson sold itself as a respectable brand name, offering products that came with a sense
On Saturday night, when Indianapolis football fans learned that their star quarterback was retiring after just six seasons in the
Left turns on a busy intersection are one of the riskiest manuevers on the road, the cause for many more
According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, the Subaru Crosstrek has one of the highest safety ratings allowable, even
Traumatic brain injuries are caused by "sudden trauma" between the upper human body and an object or product that it
Earlier this summer, when a young boy along the North Carolina coastline got swept off to sea on an inflatable
For those battling with real pain, those in need of pain medications dubbed "opioids," a new study of those now
Along an unnamed road at the edge of a New Hampshire coast rests Fort Constitution, with a view of Maine
Tesla has a funny way with words. If you've been paying attention to the progress on self-driving vehicles, you know
While every patient experience is different, with reactions that can range from extreme disappointment to absolute appreciation, Central Florida currently
If you live in either Seminole or Orange County this morning, chances are, you've already arranged to leave a slight
This past week, as teachers were preparing for the new school year, many received training in the use of an
Since 2013, the rate of car insurance costs have gone up around the country year after year after year, currently
Child wants pizza. Child wants pizza fast. Child calls 911. Definitely not an emergency, but it naturally prompted a response
Last week, when a mother of five, a nurse from Jacksonville, was killed in a car accident after falling asleep
Opioids release more dopamine than the human body is capable of producing on its own. The brain then learns to
Despite being in a family of runners himself, Campbell Hendrix does not like to run. But realizing that his best
Whenever we share numbers--how many of this, what percentage of that--the most important question is whether the information we're sharing
While it may seem like an odd and seldom used word, "tort" has a long history in the legal profession
According to the US Department of Transportation, almost 78 percent of people who are injured in a car accident, on
With Central Florida being such a bicycle heavy area, we just wish to remind riders to give their bicycles a
While teachers certainly strive to enjoy their summers, the best ones are already thinking ahead, going to trainings, improving plans,
As Florida children and teens attempt to soak up their final days of summer, jumping in pools, riding in boats,
If you drop an egg on the ground, it breaks. Every time. But if you drop an egg into a
Remember all those commercials involving crash test dummies, the ones that showed what the human body looks likes during an
Earlier this month, on July 7, the Wiegand family was enjoying time aboard a cruise ship docked in Puerto Rico
The prescription drug industry has rightly come under fire in the last several years, with the aftermath involving a great
Since January, at least 26 people have been reported as having had minor to serious health concerns either before, during,
President Kennedy once said, "I believe we possess all the resources and talents necessary. But the facts of the matter
Sometimes, the momentary generosity of strangers can be the very thing that restores your faith in humanity. And then, there
Rabid animals are often a thing of nightmares and horror stories, the idea that a wild dog or a raccoon
Do you ever drive across a long bridge, or sit in traffic wondering why the pavement below you doesn't buckle
When a mother reported her three-year-old son as missing, first responders found the boy unconscious in a grease trap outside
Despite all the hype and the talk and the work done to make it a reality, the biggest barrier to
According to the latest data produced by the CDC, the Top Five identifiable reasons that people went into an emergency
We encourage our readers to offer their support to the Hope Helps Food Pantry, donating anything they can, particularly in
Improving traffic concerns in your community may seem intimidating, especially if you aren't sure where to start or who to
Opioid addiction, according to drug studies, actually changes the brain's neural networks, which creates that sense of addiction, the sense
During a heavy storm, Central Florida roads are rife with puddles and large channels of unexpected water that cause vehicles
Stories of serious and life altering injuries have led more and more people to avoid the kind of driveway and
We were fighting for freedom and justice in 1776. We continue to fight for freedom and justice in 2019. We
Between now and the night of the fourth, most of us will hear the sound of fireworks, somewhere in the
Among the many questions people have about the new Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law, Florida State Statute 316.305,
Last month, we shared news of a drunk driving fatality in which The Woods Jupiter, and Tiger Woods in particular,
If you've lived in Central Florida even for a few months, chances are, you've already experienced the I-4 on ramp
On Monday, July 1, the long awaited No-Texting-While-Driving Ban will take effect in the State of Florida. That's good news
Ever get frustrated by turning left at a light, off an Interstate, then finding yourself stuck in a line of
On Monday morning, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dwyer gave his annual State of the City address, an optimistic, but plausible view
While our kids may be out for the summer, most school officials are already thinking about and planning for the
Until last week, the two states most known for hosting and encouraging autonomous technology were Arizona and California. But our
If you were driving along the highway, or a byway, or any road at all for that matter, and you
Last week, drivers in Sydney, Australia found out they'd be allowed to throw away their plastic driver's licenses by August,
The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has estimated that roughly 8.5 million army veterans are living in the US.
Sometimes it's nice to know we're surrounded by heroes. Last Friday, a driver blacked out, drifted across six lanes of
Three years ago, Americans awoke to the horrifying news that someone had opened fire at an Orlando club, a scene
Three consecutive years of hurricane landfall in our state have demonstrated the value of protecting property. But remembering everything after
When it comes to workers compensation, some employees fear the retaliation of employers, the fear of losing their jobs. Even
On Sunday, I-95 in Volusia County was the sight of a heartbreaking accident, when a motorcyclist from Charlotte, North Carolina
Most of us can still vaguely remember a time before tablets, before iPhones and laptops and GoPros. A few of
75 Years. 75 Years since the largest seaborne invasion in human history. And to commemorate the occasion? Seemingly ageless veterans
When former President Jimmy Carter fell last month, The Journal of the American Medical Association was already in the midst
A months-long back-and-forth in Tallahassee over whether to allow cities to ban plastic straws and other environmental hazards ended when
The conversation about ending our Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law ultimately died in appropriations and subcommittees on May 3, 2019,
In the case of an accident with one or more injuries, insurance companies can pay up to the limit of
This year, Etame Kandy, 18, from Clearwater, was the winner of the Drive2Life PSA Contest for a public service message
For the first time in the history of our nation's acknowledged opioid epidemic, a trial has begun between a state
In August 2017, Arizona residents grew somewhat familiar with the sight of Class 8 self-driving semi-trucks moving up and down
Last December, Nicholas Immesberger, age 24, died in a car accident roughly twenty miles from The Woods Jupiter, the restaurant
This week, we were honored to join the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 list. The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100
If someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death, a personal injury, or a motor vehicle accident,
As our students wrap up their final day of school in Seminole County and elsewhere, chances are, they will be
Boating and sailing are perks that come with living in a state filled with lakes, rivers, and Everglades, a state
For those who travel around the world, high speed rails between major cities in popular destinations are a commonplace. And
The American Academy of Pediatrics has set aside days like today to recognize the incredible progress as well as the
Tuesday marks 138 years since the founding of the American Red Cross by Clara Barton, after she had visited and


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