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Last week, the CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky, went on record with Axios, saying that "travel will never, ever go
Laws dealing with intoxication have always been around, but laws against intoxicated driving took a little more time to develop
Roughly three quarters of Florida residents have conceded that the COVID-19 pandemic upset their travel plans for 2020, forcing them
During the fall of 1988, Julie Miramon was in a car accident. She became fearful on the road, fearful of
Most of us have heard the old adage that car accidents occur within three miles of a driver's home, statistically
According to the most recent data from the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, approximately 25 percent of all car
In April 2019, when 10-year-old Kevin Pope was killed by a passing truck in Orange County, on his way home
The National Safety Council, known for focusing on and studying "preventable" injuries and deaths across the country, recently came out
At a time when vaccines and lasting solutions for dealing with COVID-19 still seem fairly distant, here is a story
If you've been around for a while, you can probably still think of all those warm and cozy commercials with
To consider Memorial Day 2020, one has to take into account the many ways that the servants of our American
After a fatal accident, sometimes the greatest loss we find in the death of a loved one is not financial,
The COVID-19 pandemic has, unquestionably, put a heavy burden on all Americans and citizens of the world at large. But
While the origins of the International Red Cross begin with the work of Henry Dunant during the late 19th Century,
While there are some unnerving and serious reports that a sharp increase in unemployment rates and physical isolation will lead
Remember when you got upset with traffic on I-4, all the time, trying to get from one exit to another
If you had to guess where Florida ranked, relative to other states, on the percentage or rate of drunken driving,
Now that teachers and students have largely figured out how to navigate the world of remote learning, perhaps the greatest
As of this writing, more than a million cases and more than 80,000 deaths have occurred in the United States
It might seem obvious to claim that motor vehicle accident fatalities are currently lower than they've been in several years,
Several decades ago, car owners would beam with pride, and rightly so, when their vehicles showed an odometer reading of
Two of the biggest residential complaints about I-4 over the last several years have consistently been safety and aggravating traffic.
At the cost of staying inside and staying away from groups, the burden on local restaurants trying to adapt to
Whatever your take on three-wheeled cars, whether you think they look sleek or just plain weird, there's a company that
Every year, March 6 kicks off the start of Nurses Week, but under these extraordinary national circumstances, with nurses picking
Yesterday was the first day of loosened restrictions on the State of Florida, per the governor, even as many residents
After weeks and weeks of suddenly and unexpectedly having to adapt in a world of heightened anxieties, teachers across Central
Since 1958, when President Eisenhower made it official, May 1 has represented Law Day, a recognition of the strength and
For many in Central Florida and across the state, leaving the house to experiment with a post-quarantine life involves a
If you thought the world of self-driving technology could only be seen in California and Arizona, you might be pleasantly
As frustration brews for small businesses in desperate need of financial aid, the result of a lengthy and economically devastating
As Florida prepares to reopen a few more businesses, many business owners are navigating difficult legal waters, knowing that they
In the midst of a pandemic, when so many of us are continuing to stay home, when so many of
During a global and nationwide pandemic, when few cars are on the road leading to fewer accidents, one of the
On February 24, 2019, Dr. Omar Awan lost control of his Tesla on a South Florida parkway, leading to a
Mistakes happen. Usually small, but sometimes unavoidably and strikingly large, such as the case when a printing vendor for the
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has been a leader in tracking advancements in technology as it relates
Today is known as Kindergarten Day, but a typical day of kindergarten means noise, laughter, cries, and the occasional accident,
When sports fans think of NASCAR, they think of All Star Racing, with famous names like Chase Elliott and Jimmie
If you think of AAA as purely a conduit of roadside assistance, you would be downplaying their larger role as
When the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started encouraging Americans to start wearing masks, soon after hospitals had claimed
Picture yourself in quarantine. Nevermind that. Everyone is in quarantine. Rather, picture yourself making dinner under quarantine, tossing a few
When people from Central Florida think of the Minnesota Vikings, they're often compelled to think of Daunte Culpepper, the former
When schools went digital in Central Florida and around the country last month, many teachers and families scrambled to figure
While some within the industry may recognize today as Salvation Army Founders' Day, the reality is that most of us
Decades before being granted American citizenship on April 9, 1963, Winston Churchill joined the courts of Petty Sessions to address
On Monday night, Oviedo City Council members officially adopted a Seminole County resolution confirming that residents ought to abide by
When the World Health Organization, or WHO, was first formed on April 7, 1948 as a specialized agency of the
Within the walls of our own homes, the normal world may seem pretty silent, but the roads are not empty
On Friday, Deputy Shannon Bennett of the Broward County Sheriff's Office became one of the first and most recognized tragedies
Even though the courtrooms are largely empty, with specific cases being put on hold while officials go into quarantine, that
By the Spring of 1942, when the US Military had already taken action in response to the Pearl Harbor bombing,
While there may have been a perfect storm of human vulnerability at the first sign of COVID-19 in the United
One of the lesser known, or at least less considered challenges of social distancing is that anyone dealing with recovery,
Most of the time after an accident, or after face the death of a family member, we hesitate from taking
At the time of a loved one's death, the thought of blame usually takes backseat to mourning, and processing, and
The first night of Orlando's official curfew appeared to go by without incident, with most residents focused on doing what
The streets may be a little quieter these days, with more people at home, staying healthy, and nudging away any
At a time like this, with people staying inside on their own or, in many cases, being told to stay
The Transportation Security Administration at Orlando International Airport is scrambling to deal with a strain of the coronavirus that continues
In an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings issued an official curfew in Central
One of the unintentionally positive consequences of the coronavirus quarantines, in addition to the aim of keeping us all healthy,
With every business, organization, and government operation trying to make appropriate accommodations for the health and well being of citizens
Before Volusia County made the decision to bring an end to their annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach, adopting measures
While the impact of the coronavirus has been felt by every working adult in the nation on some level, the
Over the weekend, AAA passed along new travel advisories for anyone who still had in mind to hop on a
Watching the world slowly grind to a halt is pretty surreal, especially when you consider that most of what we
When UCF announced that it would be closing for an additional 14 days after Spring Break, news that was texted
While it's unlikely that most of us drive a Porsche, particularly because of cost and risk, a recent lawsuit against
Within 24 hours of Fortune suggesting that a wave of pending coronavirus-related lawsuits was going to have an impact, a
The hardest part of an unpredictable yet pressing crisis like the coronavirus is that businesses and organizations must walk a
After a tragic accident near Pensacola, Florida late last July, mothers of the two teenage fatalities came to identify the
You know how real estate agents, and contractors, and small business owners hand you their card after doing a job,
Crosswalks adorned by yellow rectangular rapid flashing beacon traffic control devices may soon be removed and replaced with red beacons
In the past, we've addressed some of the legal debates over red light cameras and who actually has the authority
While we know that the justice system can often be upside down and flawed, with a disproportionate number of prisoners
Earlier this month, the US Coast Guard and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue recovered the bodies of two women who died when
Anyone driving the interstate between Tampa and Daytona lately has to admit the often unclear path of the concrete along
Earlier this week, the mayor of Jasper, a town of less than 5,000 residents, died in a single car accident
Given the nature of our business, and a frequent portrayal of the legal profession as a regular courtroom drama, it's
Unlike the cases of Ebola in recent years, talk of the coronavirus, and the affiliated concern that has arisen between
As many of us begin planning trips for Spring Break, and even for the summer ahead, concerns over the coronavirus
After an accident that causes you serious bodily harm, there is no replacement for the time required to heal, no
Between 1998 and 2014, those who underwent a total hip replacement, or hip arthroplasty, slightly less than 2% of those
Bypassing accusations that they mistreated or heavily pressured workers and customers, Wells Fargo ceded ground on claims that it "falsified
Earlier this week, an elderly crossing guard in Kansas, known by those in his community as "Mr. Bob," age 88,
For those who keep up with the major races and, year after year, those who watch the Daytona 500, accidents
When people think of Herbert Hoover, or when those who aren't familiar with him look up his name, he often
Last month, we passed along information from Toyota and Lexus about an immediate recall, with companies declaring that a warning
Imagine being offered an $18 billion settlement by some of the biggest drug companies in America, then telling those companies
Last May, a 2.25 mile track was built on nearly 500 acres in Polk County as a "fully operational" facility
There may be a bit of irony in the latest health research out of the University of Missouri, particularly as
Whether you're a Seaworld lover or a Seaworld critic, most of us in Central Florida remember the Blackfish documentary that
In early 2012, Aaron Cohen, a well known cyclist and Ironman competitor was riding along the Rickenbacker Causeway in Miami
Momentum is a hard thing to stop when companies are on the verge of introducing a new product or maintaining
According to FLHSMV, or the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles , when a driver leaves the scene of a
For nearly 40 years, the Florida State Statutes have required that drivers maintain, at the very least, an insurance policy
Since the first of February is known to be Car Insurance Day, here are a few reasons that car insurance
We're still a couple months away from moving our clocks forward, but a new biological study suggests that Daylight Savings
The early morning collision between a LYNX transit bus and a Camry has led to charges for the young Toyota
Most of us want to appear strong. Tough. A dad tosses a football with his kids and even though his
From an early age, we are trained to apologize if and when we bump into another person. Civil discourse demands
Some of the most priceless television commercials over the last several years have involved cars that almost hit a deer
Chances are, we've all be called by the wrong name at some point in our lives. No doubt we've even
According to a formal resolution acknowledging the importance of Data Privacy Day, US Senators explained it this way: Whereas new
Two weeks ago, the University of Central Florida Student Government found a way to introduce 300 spin scooters onto the
Over the second half of 2019, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, or FDACS, was able to sum
While it ranks as one of the best hospitals for children, the Johns Hopkins All Children's Hopsital in St. Petersburg
Last year, based on a collection of data and statistics, Channel 9 News took time to lay out the most
One of the highest points of integrity for a police department is the positive relationship it cultivates with a community.
As of January 1, the No Texting While Driving stipulation of the Florida State Statutes is no longer a warning.
Even among those who respected his platform and his voice, Martin Luther King, Jr. dealt with criticism. In particular, members
Earlier this month, the US Department of Transportation published and promoted an initiative known as AV 4.0, unifying the efforts
Last month, facing increased pressure to beef up safety and security measures around railway crossings, due to the unusually high
Normally, when a warning light shows up on your dash, you have a little time to adjust and make sure
When our bodies break down, most of us hate to admit it. We work through the pain and avoid being
Pulling from and expounding upon the data from the Fatality Analysis Reporting System of 2019 (FARS), a Phoenix-based law firm
When Michael Lentini died in a motorcycle accident in 2015, his family reached out to the insurance company where Lentini
While it's true that Thursday was National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, a recognition of nearly one million local officers across
Within the same day, two studies were released, both dealing with mortality rates, but neither one looking for the same
If my car is damaged, but that damage is the result of work done by the State of Florida, is
The major roads that pass through Central Florida and Orlando in particular promise to be incredibly beautiful and smooth running
The tragedy that unfolded in Downtown Orlando this morning, when a woman fell from the overpass of I-4 onto Garland
If you or someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death, a personal injury, or a motor
Looking back on the past decade, some of us may have experienced a couple of fender benders here and the
If you had to rank cities based on their impressions of kindness or rudeness, you would have to ask a
According to Florida State Statutes relating to nursing homes and health care facilities, medical professionals are expected to uphold a
Over the past twenty five years, the once popular culture of cigarette smoking has greatly diminished, making it less and
If your car has some kind of Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), like adaptive cruise control, lane centering steering, or
A Forbes listing may not mean much to many of us, but for those looking for places to travel, a
Whenever you read the online results of polls and surveys and tests, the ones that tell you about our human
The biggest news to hit Central Florida was along the I-4 Corridor, with residents in the area finally able to
If you or someone you love has been the victim of a wrongful death, a personal injury, or a motor
Brace yourselves for a cold, windy, and icy night, windows frozen over by the blizzard that will undoubtedly force its
With the first day of winter already come and gone in Florida, a cool, but reasonable Saturday, the issues we
Internal documents within the US Consumer Product Safety Commission indicate a shared belief that crib bumpers, which pad the corners
This week, the CDC issued a warning to those contemplating the holiday purchase of a new family dog from Petland.
Last month, US News & World Report published an article addressing expectant mothers struggling with opioid addiction and the babies
A stationary patrol car, waiting along the side of the Florida Turnpike or the I-4 Corridor in Central Florida, tends
On December 15, 1791, the Virginia legislature signed off on the Bill of Rights, effectively ratifying our new constitutional document.
While Florida recently instituted a partial ban on phone use while driving, other states have had similar to firmer laws
As we near the weekend, the University of Central Florida has issued reminders of potential traffic issues in the area
By now, you've probably seen the viral adoption photo of Michael Clark Jr, who invited his entire kindergarten class to
After two very recent accidents involving local and interstate trains in Florida, and the fatalities that came about as a
Back in July, Tesla sent out a letter updating investors and buyers that vehicles on the line were getting closer
Within hours of the Historic Preservation Board unanimously designating the Black Bottom House of Prayer as a historical landmark, the
This afternoon, Disneyworld shut down a few hours earlier than normal in honor of Walt Disney Day, but also in
In 2017, two workers were suspended from one of the company's helicopters, dangling over power lines in Louisiana, but the
As we mentioned earlier this week, no one can really say, with any accuracy, what your chances are of getting
Going out to shop, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, feels daunting to many, but an age old tradition to others.


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