Within the walls of our own homes, the normal world may seem pretty silent, but the roads are not empty
On Friday, Deputy Shannon Bennett of the Broward County Sheriff's Office became one of the first and most recognized tragedies
Even though the courtrooms are largely empty, with specific cases being put on hold while officials go into quarantine, that
By the Spring of 1942, when the US Military had already taken action in response to the Pearl Harbor bombing,
While there may have been a perfect storm of human vulnerability at the first sign of COVID-19 in the United
One of the lesser known, or at least less considered challenges of social distancing is that anyone dealing with recovery,
Most of the time after an accident, or after face the death of a family member, we hesitate from taking
At the time of a loved one's death, the thought of blame usually takes backseat to mourning, and processing, and
The first night of Orlando's official curfew appeared to go by without incident, with most residents focused on doing what
The streets may be a little quieter these days, with more people at home, staying healthy, and nudging away any
At a time like this, with people staying inside on their own or, in many cases, being told to stay
The Transportation Security Administration at Orlando International Airport is scrambling to deal with a strain of the coronavirus that continues
In an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus, Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings issued an official curfew in Central
One of the unintentionally positive consequences of the coronavirus quarantines, in addition to the aim of keeping us all healthy,
With every business, organization, and government operation trying to make appropriate accommodations for the health and well being of citizens
Before Volusia County made the decision to bring an end to their annual Bike Week in Daytona Beach, adopting measures
While the impact of the coronavirus has been felt by every working adult in the nation on some level, the
Over the weekend, AAA passed along new travel advisories for anyone who still had in mind to hop on a
Watching the world slowly grind to a halt is pretty surreal, especially when you consider that most of what we
When UCF announced that it would be closing for an additional 14 days after Spring Break, news that was texted
While it's unlikely that most of us drive a Porsche, particularly because of cost and risk, a recent lawsuit against
Within 24 hours of Fortune suggesting that a wave of pending coronavirus-related lawsuits was going to have an impact, a
The hardest part of an unpredictable yet pressing crisis like the coronavirus is that businesses and organizations must walk a
After a tragic accident near Pensacola, Florida late last July, mothers of the two teenage fatalities came to identify the


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