Premise Liability

David Beers: One sign can be the difference between a routine walk and a serious injury. Every year, more than 200,000 people are injured from slips and falls. All it takes is a wet floor, a loose board, or an oily surface. But what if there was no sign? No warning?

Jim Gordon: David and I have been serving Central Florida with over 60 years of combined experience dealing with slips and falls like this almost every day. We can help you find the compensation you need to cover hospital and doctor bills as well as recover lost wages.

David Beers: If you or someone you love have been injured by a slip and fall, call Beers and Gordon for a free consultation at 407-862-1825.

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Premise Liability / Beers and Gordon P.A.

In Florida, property owners have a responsibility to maintain their properties and ensure they are always in a safe condition. Despite this duty, incidents sometimes occur where a person is injured on the property for a variety of reasons. We often refer to these incidents as “slip and fall” because of the consequential injury or injuries that resulted from a dangerous property condition. For example, a change in the floor elevation, a poorly cleaned and slippery floor, an improperly designed staircase, or poor lighting can be just a few causes of a “slip and fall” injury.

David Beers and Jim Gordon have experience with hundreds of similar “slip and fall” cases involving international hotels, strip malls, shopping malls, and other private property owners. Our attorneys understand the state and local safety codes that may have been violated. Their experience with safety issues can be important in establishing your case and determining if a property owner was negligent. We can also work to establish whether improper surfaces exist based on failure to abide by recognized slip resistance standards. If necessary, the firm will partner with safety and slip resistance experts to determine whether the party in question is liable.

Another, lesser known factor in these cases is the doctrine called comparative negligence, which can work against an injured party. For example, a jury may determine that the person involved in the slip and fall was equally at fault. You will want to meet with experienced attorneys who understand these issues and can explain how they may or may not impact your case.

Hotel Liability

Hotel Liability / Beers and Gordon P.A.

As with other property owners, hotels have a more ongoing responsibility to secure and maintain their properties. However, incidents occur at hotels that are poorly maintained or poorly designed. For example, unsafe floors, bathrooms with improper tiles or improper bathtubs, and improper pool decks can lead to an unexpected “slip and fall” injury.

Our attorneys have represented numerous hotels throughout the State of Florida. These have included international hotels as well as franchises. Through the hundreds of cases involving these hotels, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to pursue a claim on your behalf including knowledge of slip resistance, human factors, and failure to abide by recognized safety standards and codes. We thoroughly understand the issues involving accidents at hotels and resorts.

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