Negligent Security


Jim Gordon: Everyone should feel safe in their surroundings. Everyone. But from time to time, property owners risk safety to save money at your expense.

David Beers: When a crime occurs in your community and your neighborhood, these property owners have an obligation to heighten their security to ensure that every door locks, every window is sealed, and any potential service personnel are in place.

Jim Gordon: For the victims of violent crime, whether it occurs at a hotel, a parking lot, or a home, you have a right to speak with an attorney to determine whether adequate measures were in place to keep you safe.

David Beers: If you or someone you love have been injured as a result of negligent security, call Beers and Gordon for a free consultation at 407-862-1825.

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Negligent Security / Beers and Gordon P.A.

Similar to Premise Liability, all property owners in Florida have an ongoing responsibility to maintain and secure their properties in a safe manner. But from time to time, a heightened security is required for all guests and tenants after a dangerous incident on the property (or one nearby). For example, if an assault, rape, burglary, shooting, or another violent crime were to take please on or near the property, owners would be required to increase certain security standards on their own premises.

The security in place should be consistent with any and all criminal activity in the area to protect those individuals physically residing within an owner’s property. Unfortunately, many property owners provide little or no security to protect against these criminal and violent acts. Examples of inadequate security can be failure to have any security personnel, an improperly trained security personnel, failure to install surveillance cameras, improper locks and control of the area with gates or other security devices, and inadequate lighting.

These incidents can occur at any number of public places such as hotels, apartments, shopping malls, and parking lots. Victims of any violent crime should consider the location where they were injured and be aware that the property owner may be liable for failing to properly secure the area to protect individuals from these incidents. A consultation with our experienced attorneys, David Beers and Jim Gordon, will be crucial in determining whether a property owner was or was not at fault.


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