If I Feel Fine After a Car Accident, Why Can’t I Just Admit That I’m Fine?

Posted on: January 29, 2020
If I Feel Fine After a Car Accident, Why Can't I Just Admit That I'm Fine / Motor Vehicle Accident Attorneys / Orlando Oviedo Winter Springs Altamonte Winter Park Maitland Lawyers / Beers and Gordon P.A.Most of us want to appear strong. Tough. A dad tosses a football with his kids and even though his shoulder is hurting, he says he’s fine. A hardworking colleague is going through turmoil at home with a rebellious teenager, but when asked, they just tell everyone they’re fine. So it makes sense that after getting hit in a car accident and feeling only a few minor aches and pains, an accident victim is likely to tell everyone they’re fine. But that statement has consequences, especially if pains increase over the next day or two.

After a car accident, our first instinct is to look for the most obvious injuries. It’s important to understand, however, that many injuries do not initially present as more than minor discomfort. Fractures, for example, can be painless initially. Adrenaline might even mask the pain. Muscle tears or back and neck injuries may not feel too bad in the minutes after a collision, but the pain may increase dramatically within a few short hours. Bruises and swelling may take time to appear.

After an accident of any severity, it is important to get checked out. If you do not feel your injuries require an ambulance or a trip to the emergency room, at least go to see your physician. If you discover injuries after the accident, it is important to have a record of treatment. Get something in writing.

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