Sean Nix

Sean Nix / Beers and Gordon P.A. Sean Nix has been with Beers and Gordon P.A. as the Office Manager and Legal Assistant since its inception in the summer of 2009. She is responsible for much of the day to day operations at the firm, but she has long been that invaluable, daily interface with clients.

Sean earned a degree in economics from Duke University, then went on to work as a market research analyst/manager and retail buyer. After moving to Florida, she became a certified residential appraiser, which allowed her to apply her educational background to an expanding, professional resume. These combined experiences allow Sean to offer a strong understanding of economic issues, such as loss of earning capacity, involved in so many of our client cases. They also give her a unique empathy because she can speak to clients without having to talk or think like a lawyer.

After growing up in the Atlanta area, Sean was married in 1991 and continued to live in Georgia until the family relocated to Oviedo in 2003 with their two sons. She remains active in her local Oviedo and Seminole communities, having served as a volunteer at all levels of primary and secondary education from elementary to middle to high school. She even volunteers for non-profit recreational sports organizations including soccer, lacrosse, and football.