When someone leaves the scene of an accident, chances are, they feared the consequences of sticking around. But fear should
Last week, the Hilton Garden Inn agreed to a settlement of $4 million in lost wages after the company had
As Florida children returned to school earlier this month, parents also returned to a familiar scene: the car line. In
Most of us would prefer to stay out of a hospital or a doctor's office our entire lives if it
Two years ago, an Orlando community felt Orange County had not done enough to keep them safe in their neighborhood.
The blurred line between affordable health care and quality health care often seems hard to distinguish. As a society, we
Both practically and legally speaking, the root cause for pain and suffering is that of inconvenience. Prior to an accident,
The benefits of a keyless ignition do not outweigh the costs, say the daughters of a Central Florida woman who
An off-duty Glades County Sheriff's deputy was killed on Thursday night, July 28, after being tossed from his motorcycle when