Every automobile in the State of Florida requires, at the very least, a form of liability insurance called Personal Injury
In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, some of you may have experienced property damage. This could include everything from roof
When you think of the Americans with Disabilites Act (ADA), you tend to think of accessibility. You think of designated
In 2015, Florida residents and visitors were involved in nearly 100,000 hit and run accidents. If that sounds bad, consider
Most of us remember--at least vaguely and sometimes humorously--the story of a woman who sued McDonald's because her coffee was
The current process for developing cancer-killing drugs is both complex and expensive. While some companies are successful in finding and
When someone leaves the scene of an accident, chances are, they feared the consequences of sticking around. But fear should
A few years ago, an Orlando community felt Orange County had not done enough to keep them safe in their
The blurred line between affordable health care and quality health care often seems hard to distinguish. As a society, we
Both practically and legally speaking, the root cause for pain and suffering is that of inconvenience. Prior to an accident,

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