Around this time of year, accident victims have a good reason to wonder about the taxability of lost wages, along
Perhaps you already have Personal Injury Protection and a cadillac of coverage to ensure you, your family, and your property
A serious personal injury case, whether it relates to a car, work, or private property accident, usually means the victim
In 1998, an 18-year-old Italian woman was picked up by her driving instructor, a man twice her age, driven to
Even in the shadow of Columbine, no one could have imagined, ten or twenty or thirty years ago, that school
Sunday was Data Privacy Day. A time set aside for promoting awareness about digital security. But after a recent study
Opioid addiction is unlike most other drug problems because users often begin their addictions on very innocent means and with
The world of self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles has finally come to Central Florida. And not just in the semi-autonomous
We tend to think of Workers' Compensation as that thing someone claims when they are injured using a forklift or
For most of us with children, the summer has been well under way for the better part of three weeks.