Active Shooter Insurance

Posted on: March 23, 2018

Active Shooter Insurance / Parkland Shooting / Wrongful Death Attorneys / Oviedo Winter Park Lawyers / Beers and Gordon P.A.Even in the shadow of Columbine, no one could have imagined, ten or twenty or thirty years ago, that school districts would have the option of acquiring Active Shooter Insurance. But after the Parkland tragedy last month, at least seven districts in South Florida have done just that. This is not in any way related to the ongoing debates over school security, but rather, has everything to do with the costs of aiding individuals and families of anyone who happens to get injured or killed during an unexpected incident.

The coverage in question is backed by XL Catlin, who introduced an Active Assailant, Loss Of Attraction And Threat (ALT) Solution back in December of 2016. At the time, ALT referred to anytime that a physical attack results in injury to people at the affected location, business interruption and property damage. Here the solution covers medical and counselling expenses, damage to property and business interruption costs. Additionally the solution covers expenses for closure of premises, denial of access and relocation costs as well as public relations fees. But now, as districts and businesses continue to request even more, XL Catlin covers the following:

Expenses tied to shootings in places such as office buildings and concert halls, and is increasingly gaining traction with schools. It pays up to $250,000 per shooting victim, for death and serious injuries, such as blindness or total disability, with additional medical coverage depending on how much insurance a district buys.

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