Diesel Cheating

On Wednesday, Ford Motor Company was issued a legal complaint by truck buyers who argued that, despite the appearances and claims of fuel efficiency, the auto maker, like many others, had found a way to cheat the standards. According to this and other lawsuits, Ford had rigged nearly half a million heavy-duty trucks to pass Read More

Railroad Crossings

On Thursday afternoon, departing students from Milwee Middle School in Longwood, particularly those who walk home at the end of the day, were asked to huddle in the gym and wait for buses to pick them up. Less than an hour earlier, a tractor trailer driver had been backing up for a supply drop off Read More

The Door in the Ford

Since 2015, while Ford has appeared to be in the boon of the 21st Century auto market, a few small, but serious issues have been plaguing their greater success. One such issue is known as the faulty door latch, primarily impacting Ford trucks and costing the company more than a quarter of a million dollars Read More

Daytime Running Lights

Every new car and truck has a common feature that drivers are beginning to take for granted: the daytime running lights. If you drive during the day, those lights are on. And if you drive at night, those lights are still on. So why is this a problem? Isn’t it a good thing that these Read More

Most Frequently Stolen

You’d be hard pressed to drive more than a mile in Florida and not see a suped up truck either on the road or in a driveway. But the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) is warning Florida truck owners that their vehicles are more at risk of being stolen than Florida car owners. In particular, Read More