Back to Zero

On Wednesday morning, the counter clock on Days Since the Last Sunrail Accident dropped back to zero. One of the northbound trains struck and killed a pedestrian in Winter Park. According to preliminary reports from the Winter Park Police Department, this particular pedestrian entered the tracks intentionally, indicating a likely suicide. Last year, with a Read More

Volunteers Act First

December 5 marks International Volunteers Day, a celebration and a recognition of the work and contributions given by first responders in a crisis. The day is mandated through the United Nations General Assembly as a way for volunteers to share and promote the work they do across the globe in large and small communities. So Read More

The Zombicon Case

Two years ago, the Fort Myers community had been celebrating its 9th Annual Zombicon festival in which residents and locals dress up in their most creepy costumes and roam a section of downtown like a real zombie apocalypse. But near the end of that event, in 2015, someone opened fire, killing one and injuring six Read More

The Arizona Waymo

The existence of self-driving cars is no secret. Everyone has seen them. If not in real life, then somewhere in an article or in a movie. The application or the use of self-driving cars, however, still feels a long way off. Just not for the residents of Arizona. According to the Verge, Google’s self-driving Waymo Read More

Election Day

After the whirlwind of the 2016 Election and all the talk of midterm elections in 2018, it might seem strange that people in Oviedo and Longwood are holding up signs and asking residents to vote on Tuesday. But that’s because most ballots are based on local candidates and local issues. For Election Day 2017 in Read More

Puerto Rico Aid

Over the last month alone, Americans have been tossed in a thousand directions of outrage and heartache. Hurricane Matthew. Hurricane recovery. Hurricane Irma. More hurricane recovery. A feud over patriotic expression. A feud over Puerto Rican aid. And then on Monday morning, Americans awoke to the news of a shooting that surpassed in fatalities and Read More

Hurricane Labor

When Florida residents heard rumor of Hurricane Irma, most began flocking to the shelves of every major grocery store and department store in the hopes of finding water, food, and supplies for any lasting power outage. But rushing off to the store, preparing your home, or even fleeing the area requires time away from work. Read More

National Preparedness Month

The Department of Homeland Security is urging Americans to set time aside in September to prepare their families for emergencies and potential disasters in their state. The premise is that while disasters don’t plan ahead, you can. During the first week of the month, FEMA will be meeting with federal, state, and local officials to Read More

Storm Classes

On Monday morning, Central Florida residents heard that there was a tropical storm aiming for Tampa. By the afternoon, Governor Scott had declared a state of emergency. And by the evening, reports indicated that Tropical Storm Emily had been downgraded to little more than a depression. No doubt everyone will be feeling the impact of Read More

About Car Hopping

Car theft is not so widespread and contagious that anyone should live in fear of losing their property, but everyone should at least be aware. A number of teens and preteens throughout Central Florida have been arrested or detained for an issue known as “car hopping” in which potential thieves wander lots in search of Read More