What is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney?

The Florida Bar is the one and only organization that licenses attorneys in the state of Florida and allows those attorneys to practice law in our courts. The Florida Bar is governed by the Supreme Court of Florida. Therefore, anyone who practices law in the state of Florida must be a member of The Florida Read More

Veterans Day 2017

As Americans take time this weekend to acknowledge Veterans Day, one of the tremendous gifts that our veterans provide is a lasting look at the best humanity can be when faced with adversity. Simon Sinek, a well known public speaker, took time recently to compare the qualities of military servicemen with that of good leaders. Read More

Election Day

After the whirlwind of the 2016 Election and all the talk of midterm elections in 2018, it might seem strange that people in Oviedo and Longwood are holding up signs and asking residents to vote on Tuesday. But that’s because most ballots are based on local candidates and local issues. For Election Day 2017 in Read More

Daylight Savings Ends

On Saturday night, most Americans will get an extra hour of sleep, which is welcome news for just about everyone. And almost every time we go through this clock changing ritual, people ask the same question: why do we do this? According to a Rasmussen survey from 2013, only 37% of Americans even think Daylight Read More

Repetitive Stress Injuries

Most injuries that lead to a personal injury claim are not life threatening. That goes for minor aches and pains after a car accident, a bite from the neighborhood bulldog, or even a second degree burn from overheated coffee. The kinds of injuries that most often become an issue are those nuisance injuries that impact Read More

Sonata Recall

The products we use are rarely ever perfect. And they never, ever last forever. But every product manufacturer still has a responsibility to their consumers if they discover a safety flaw in something they have sold, especially if that product has been sold en masse. Such was the case recently when Hyundai recalled half a Read More

Puerto Rico Aid

Over the last month alone, Americans have been tossed in a thousand directions of outrage and heartache. Hurricane Matthew. Hurricane recovery. Hurricane Irma. More hurricane recovery. A feud over patriotic expression. A feud over Puerto Rican aid. And then on Monday morning, Americans awoke to the news of a shooting that surpassed in fatalities and Read More

Red Light Cams: Safety Stats

If you slow down a few extra miles per hour when you see a red light camera warning sign, you’re not alone. Part of the strategy for these red light cameras is that knowledge of their existence will, in theory, help deter people from running lights or speeding up at a yellow. Hence the signs. Read More

Child Passenger Safety Week

This week, the United States Department of Transportation is focusing on child passenger safety. Based on reports from 2015, motor vehicle accidents remain one of the leading causes of death for American teenagers. Fatalities even increased between 2014 and 2015, from an estimate of 2,200 to 2,400. And while those figures do include teenage pedestrians Read More

Discarding Sand

As of the latest reports at 3:30pm on Thursday, most of Central Florida has regained power in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. The latest reports indicate that only 15 percent of Orange County and Lake County residents are without power. After that, only 21% of Seminole County is without power while the coastal counties still Read More