Troopers Fighting Opioids

Over the last several years, the Florida Highway Patrol has encountered a new problem: opioid overdoses. Emergency Medical Services in counties all over the state have been required to carry a life-saving antidote known as Nalaxone for the last 30 years. But even the best emergency personnel may not arrive at the scene of an Read More

Law Enforcement Appreciation

Since 2015, the Department of Homeland Security has encouraged citizens to recognize January 9 as National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with the following sentiment: On this day we show our support for our nation’s approximately 780,000 police officers who put a badge on each day, knowing they may face extremely dangerous situations while carrying out Read More

Red Light Cams: Law

One of the questions swirling around red light cameras is whether it is legal for a third party operative to issue tickets, since it is illegal within the State of Florida for law enforcement to be delegated elsewhere. Moreover, if refuting a ticket implies a confrontation in court, there is no officer in place to Read More

Law Enforcement Prayers

Tomorrow is the third Friday of June and there are various communities across the United States who use this as a Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement. While this is not necessarily an officially recognized day in all states and cities, we would like to take this time to acknowledge the Oviedo Police Department as Read More

Florida Red-Light Cameras

The debate over red-light cameras has entered a new stage. Florida House Bill 6007, if enacted, would “repeal provisions relating to installation & use of traffic infraction detectors to enforce specified provisions when driver fails to stop at traffic signal, provisions that authorize DHSMV, county, or municipality to use such detectors, & provisions for distribution Read More

ADA and the New Administration

These days, we face a nation at odds with itself over the best approach to making and enforcing laws. One glaring example is found in the most recent conflict over the Americans with Disabilities Act (1990). On January 9, outgoing Attorney General Loretta Lynch filed a joint complaint against the Secretary of the Florida Department Read More

When is Driving Classified as Reckless?

According to Florida State Statute 316.192, “any person who drives any vehicle in willful or wanton disregard for the safety of persons or property is guilty of reckless driving.” In order to demonstrate “willful or wanton disregard” in the eyes of the law, there would need to be a way to prove a driver had Read More

Move Over, Florida!

During the month of January, the Florida Highway Patrol is reminding drivers of the 2002 Move Over law, which states that if an emergency vehicle, sanitation vehicle, utility service vehicle, or wrecker is along the side of a road, all other drivers must either move to a lane away from the shoulder or, if that Read More