How Much is the No Fault Provision?

The No Fault provision is essentially an agreement between all Florida insurance companies and the Florida Legislature. Under the provision, insurance companies are required to provide a certain level of coverage for their insured if they are involved in an automobile accident, regardless of fault. In exchange, the victim of an auto accident can only Read More

If I don’t have UM on my policy, can I qualify for it on someone else’s policy?

Far too often, a discussion over the results of a car accident only have to do with drivers and policy holders. But what happens when you are a passenger injured in an accident that you had nothing to do with? And what happens when the driver of the car that hit you was uninsured or Read More

Tractor Trailer Catches Fire

Last Friday morning, Ceasar Arvinger was driving south on I95 when he noticed smoke pouring out of the rear of his tractor trailer. He pulled over and managed to escape without injury, but the interstate was ultimately closed for the entire morning while firefighters worked feverishly to put out the flames. And while it appears Read More

Catastrophic Sports Injuries

In 2011 and 2012, respectively, Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw, both Hall of Fame winning quarterbacks, stated that they would not allow their sons to play football. In reality, Aikman and Bradshaw do not have any sons (they both have daughters), but their comments were a warning sign for parents nervous about their own children Read More

Can You Leave the Scene of an Accident?

When someone leaves the scene of an accident, chances are, they feared the consequences of sticking around. But fear should never trump responsibility. Leaving the scene of a car crash (what most of us now just call a hit-and-run accident) carries far more legal punishment than anything the driver may have done initially. In several Read More


George Heath in Central Florida I would like to thank Jim for sticking with me throughout my process. Jim was always great at communicating with me at all times and reviewing my options. I was a non-referral walk-in. I would highly recommend Jim Gordon to my family and friends. Great job, Jim. Anonymous in Central Read More

Premise Liability

In Florida, property owners have a responsibility to maintain their properties and ensure they are always in a safe condition. Despite this duty, incidents sometimes occur where a person is injured on the property for a variety of reasons. We often refer to these incidents as “slip and fall” because of the consequential injury or Read More

Negligent Security

Similar to Premise Liability, all property owners in Florida have an ongoing responsibility to maintain and secure their properties in a safe manner. But from time to time, a heightened security is required for all guests and tenants after a dangerous incident on the property (or one nearby). For example, if an assault, rape, burglary, Read More