No Wheel, No Pedals?

In this country, we dream and we imagine, then we build and we engineer. Over the last several years, a handful of major automakers have come forward to declare their goal of not only putting a self-driving, or autonomous vehicle on the road, but of putting into circulation a car with no steering wheel and Read More

Ford Makes an Appearance

Anyone who saw the game last night witnessed a few things for the first time. The first Super Bowl to reach overtime. The first five time Super Bowl winning quarterback. The first Super Bowl comeback of more than ten points. And for the first time in three years, they saw Ford Motor Co. make an Read More

The Tesla Autopilot

For several years now, the crew at Tesla Motors have been on the front lines of two automobile engineering achievements: the electric car and the self-driving car. But the Orlando based company entered hot water with NHTSA investigators when Joshua Brown died in a self-driving Tesla in early May. While offering condolences, the company has Read More