What If They Blame Me?

Many negligence cases involve a “he said, she said” situation. For those who did not witness the accident, knowing what happened is initially unclear. An experienced attorney will have a plan of action for proving who caused the injury. Beers and Gordon works with a number of investigators and accident reconstruction professionals, all of whom Read More

What is a No Fault State?

If you’ve been in a car accident, the most important thing to know about Florida law is that Florida is a no-fault car insurance state. That means, if you’ve been injured as a result of that accident, you’ll need to first turn to your own car insurance coverage to get compensation for your injuries and Read More

How Does UM Work?

After an insurance company has exhausted the limits of your PIP coverage, if the other driver has no insurance or a small amount of coverage that is insufficient to cover the costs related to your injury, your uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is there to cover the damage caused by the negligent party. However, if Read More

What is Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage?

You may find it shocking to know that Florida has the fifth highest rate of uninsured drivers in the whole country. Almost a quarter of Florida drivers do not have auto insurance. In other words, one out of every four cars you see while driving on I4, SR417, or any familiar backroad may be driven Read More

Isn’t it Normal to get Compensation for Injuries?

If you get injured in a car accident that was not your fault, it’s easy to take some things for granted. Especially the idea that an insurance company for the at-fault driver will simply step up and cover the costs of your doctor visits, your pain meds, and your physical therapy. After all, the accident Read More

Is There a Cap on How Much an Attorney Can Charge?

Most personal injury attorneys, including Beers and Gordon, work for what is called a contingency fee basis. This means that the attorneys will not receive any compensation for their services until a recovery is made on your behalf. Most personal injury attorneys will also not charge you a retainer to ensure their services, and will Read More

Do I Need a Lawyer Who Handles Auto Accident Cases?

Car accidents are complicated. And messy. And sometimes end in horrible outcomes. And while the majority of crashes are often little more than fender benders and parking lot bumps, the question is whether your situation warrants a discussion with an attorney. The simple answer is almost always yes. Especially when the consultation is free. Depending Read More

What is Bodily Injury Coverage?

Getting involved in an accident that is not your fault can be a traumatic event. Besides suffering injury, chronic pain, and mental anguish, you may be struck with the feeling of utter helplessness. Who is going to pay my bills? Who is going to compensate me for my loss? Most auto accidents are caused by Read More

How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help Me?

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, driving is getting more dangerous. An attorney can help ensure you receive full benefits from the insurance company and even determine whether you can file a claim for additional damages against the party at fault in the event of an accident. Insurance companies are in business to make Read More

Airbags, Recalls, Lawsuits

If an accident occurs while you are driving a car with airbags and the airbag on your side of the car does not deploy, we can all understand why the victim of personal or catastrophic injuries might go after the car manufacturer. The consequences for the manufacturer, if a judge rules against them, is not Read More