Bus Stop Accident

Near the end of January, a teenage driver lost control of her car in Chuluota, struck three other teenagers at a bus stop, and then drove away, taking her younger sibling to school as if nothing had happened. Two of the three victims were not seriously injured but one was taken to a nearby hospital. Read More

What if I am Injured by an Out-of-State Driver?

Florida remains one of the highest states for tourism in America. As a result of this business, Florida sees millions of out-of-state drivers cross its borders each year. In most cases, out-of-state drivers carry insurance from their home state, which is almost always different than the required coverage for Florida. But if you or someone Read More

Reagan on Compensation

Had he still been alive, February 6 would have marked the 107th birthday of Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States. Reagan was often praised as a fiscal conservative whose heart was big enough to match his cautious rhetoric. In 1984, responding to a bipartisan push to change workers’ compensation laws in an Read More

FL PTSD Compensation

As it stands right now, any first responder or emergency medical personnel who, in the line of duty, develop PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, will not be covered by laws involving Worker’s Compensation. Unless, that is, they can demonstrate physical injury as well. The problem is that far too many are being asked to Read More

Who Pays For My Medical Bills?

Besides being injured and having damage to your property, an auto-accident can put you in a position of financial hardship. An ambulance ride, ER visit, X-rays and follow-up appointments can quickly add up to thousands of dollars of medical bills. Who is responsible? Who will pay? If you qualify for Personal Injury Protection (PIP), the Read More

Puerto Rico Confusion

Over the last three days, confusion has erupted between the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Government of Puerto Rico. On Monday, NPR made a bold claim that FEMA was planning to immediately cut off aid to Puerto Rico at the end of January. This ignited the fire of legislators in Washington, members of Read More

Drug Overdoses

On Tuesday night, President Trump delivered a State of the Union Address that did not run short on anecdotes of American heroism. The following was an account of the Holets family and their offer to save the life of a child born into the world amidst an opioid epidemic: In 2016, we lost 64,000 Americans Read More

Greek Life Returns

Last November, FSU President John Thrasher closed down all fraternities and sororities, all of Greek Life across campus, after the untimely and wrongful death of Andrew Coffey, a fraternity pledge who was found unresponsive after an alleged hazing. The move to shut down a long standing tradition so abruptly was commendable. And at the time, Read More

Data Privacy Day

Sunday was Data Privacy Day. A time set aside for promoting awareness about digital security. But after a recent study from McAfee, at least two things remained very clear. First, that far too many Internet users rely on default passwords (40%). And second, that far too many parents confirm not knowing enough about digital security Read More

Can I Still Get My Medical Bills Paid Even If I Was Partially At Fault?

Sometimes an accident is the result of multiple factors. Partly your fault. Partly the weather conditions. And partly the fault of someone else. But if that accident leads to injuries and medical bills, will either insurance continue to cover your medical bills if you were even partially at fault? The simple answer to this question Read More