Suntrax Rising

The world of self-driving cars and autonomous vehicles has finally come to Central Florida. And not just in the semi-autonomous car model version. Quite the opposite, actually. On Monday, November 13, state officials broke ground on Suntrax, a 400-acre autonomous vehicle testing site in Polk County. Those who are most likely to have direct involvement Read More

#metoo Legislation

To the surprise of many, the chatter on Capitol Hill actually matches the chatter across the country. People are not just concerned about the pervasive issue of sexual harassment. They are not just talking about the possibility of a problem. Americans are talking about real situations that have happened to real people. And the #metoo Read More

Harassment Unveiled

When several high profile women made public claims of sexual harassment against Harvey Weinstein last month, a door that had been long overdue flew wide open, dismantling legends and opening a safer space for other men and women to speak out about their own experiences with harassment and abuse. Two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey. Read More

What is a Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney?

The Florida Bar is the one and only organization that licenses attorneys in the state of Florida and allows those attorneys to practice law in our courts. The Florida Bar is governed by the Supreme Court of Florida. Therefore, anyone who practices law in the state of Florida must be a member of The Florida Read More

The Zombicon Case

Two years ago, the Fort Myers community had been celebrating its 9th Annual Zombicon festival in which residents and locals dress up in their most creepy costumes and roam a section of downtown like a real zombie apocalypse. But near the end of that event, in 2015, someone opened fire, killing one and injuring six Read More

Veterans Day 2017

As Americans take time this weekend to acknowledge Veterans Day, one of the tremendous gifts that our veterans provide is a lasting look at the best humanity can be when faced with adversity. Simon Sinek, a well known public speaker, took time recently to compare the qualities of military servicemen with that of good leaders. Read More

The Death of Andrew Coffey

Florida State University students and faculty have been coping with the aftermath of an unexpected campus death last week. Andrew Coffey, a fraternity pledge, was unresponsive when emergency medical personnel arrived at his home on Friday morning. Unsure whether Coffey’s death was the result of hazing or some other nefarious action in Greek Life, University Read More

The Arizona Waymo

The existence of self-driving cars is no secret. Everyone has seen them. If not in real life, then somewhere in an article or in a movie. The application or the use of self-driving cars, however, still feels a long way off. Just not for the residents of Arizona. According to the Verge, Google’s self-driving Waymo Read More

Election Day

After the whirlwind of the 2016 Election and all the talk of midterm elections in 2018, it might seem strange that people in Oviedo and Longwood are holding up signs and asking residents to vote on Tuesday. But that’s because most ballots are based on local candidates and local issues. For Election Day 2017 in Read More

Job Action Day

Today is called Job Action Day for several reasons, but the primary issue at stake is job satisfaction. According to a study from the Society of Human Resources Management, almost 90 percent of Americans report being either partially or entirely satisfied with their current job. And while that number may seem incredibly high, an equally Read More