Red Light Cameras to FLSC

Red Light Cameras / Motor Vehicle Accidents / Civil Trial Attorneys / Beers and Gordon P.A.There’s been a lot of talk about red light cameras and their ability or inability to decrease the frequency of car accidents in target locations throughout the State of Florida. After several years of evaluating the placement and after effects of each red light camera, some lawmakers are arguing that accidents have not been minimized and that the red light cameras are having no impact. Others contend that drivers are more cautious, even if subconsciously, and that any revenues generated are worth leaving existing cameras in place. But in one case, conflicting court rulings may put the red light camera issue at the feet of the Florida Supreme Court.

Down in South Florida, appellate courts have ruled that Aventura red light cameras are lawful while those in Hollywood are no longer permitted. That these two cities are just five miles apart leaves many drivers and local officials in a quandary about the absolute legality of such cameras. Due to such an obvious conflict, the Florida Supreme Court may have no choice but to take up the case and rule one direction or another. Until that time, Florida lawmakers will probably continue to debate the efficiency of red light cameras on the frequency of motor vehicle accidents.

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