Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful Death / Beers and Gordon P.A.

The death of a family member is a tragic and gut-wrenching event that can easily be compounded with distressing emotions, especially when that death is the result of another party’s negligence. If you have lost a loved one, our condolences come first. During this difficult time, we can offer you legal assistance to determine whether such a loss was the result of another’s negligence. The earlier a decision is made, the more likely that evidence can be preserved.

In Florida, certain family members may have the right to seek recovery from the estate of a deceased loved one. Recovery can include emotional damages as well as the loss of future earnings. There are strict time limitations in wrongful death actions that require one to seek legal counsel sooner than later. If a person dies without a will, an estate may have to be set up before an action can be pursued. Further, the suit must be brought on behalf of the primary representative of the estate.

Our attorneys are experienced in dealing with wrongful death claims as a result of auto accidents, truck accidents, product failures, negligent security, or even motorcycle accidents. While we empathize with you in your time of need, our goal is to seek swift justice for you and your loved ones and we have the experience to do just that.