Dog Bites and Children

Dogs can be gentle, loving, and helpful. They can be your most enthusiastic supporter after a bad day at work. They can even cheer you up with a single, pouty face. But not every dog is in a permanent state of calm. In fact, dog bites are a common enough occurrence in the United States Read More

First Day of Summer

For most of us with children, the summer has been well under way for the better part of three weeks. Soon as the last day of school hits Orange County, and Seminole County, and Brevard County, the kids can make it feel like all of us are supposed to be on a break. But the Read More

Wrongful Death Cruise

Jerome and Sarah Leftow were guests on Princess Cruise Lines in April 2016 when Sarah fell from a fever inside her cabin. Rather than employing doctors and nurses on the ship who could attend to Sarah, officials forced the couple to disembark at a hospital in France where Sarah died just five weeks later, still Read More

Child Labor in Florida

The International Labor Organization, or ILO, recently reported that there were 168 million children, ages 5-17, who were employed around the world in 2012. And while that number is a significant drop from 2008, North America is one of the most diligent parts of the world where child labor laws are not only on the Read More

Hope Helps Fathers

This weekend, children will be giving away ties and mugs and odds and ends in honor of their favorite dads whom, they believe, will enjoy all those cups and all those multi-colored fabrics. But what every ideal father truly glories in, more than those odds and ends, is the personal joy and ongoing happiness of Read More

Law Enforcement Prayers

Tomorrow is the third Friday of June and there are various communities across the United States who use this as a Day of Prayer for Law Enforcement. While this is not necessarily an officially recognized day in all states and cities, we would like to take this time to acknowledge the Oviedo Police Department as Read More

Flag Day 2017

Back in 1916, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed June 14 as Flag Day, the formal recognition of a time that many citizens were already celebrating the symbolic nature of the American Flag. Today, like many other holidays, hundreds of thousands of Americans will post flags outside their homes, embracing the values, the pride, and the power Read More

The Rapid City Flood

When we think of major flooding accidents in the United States, we tend to think of Hurricane Katrina and the levies in New Orleans. And while Katrina was by far one of the costliest and tragic storms in US history, leaving behind nearly 2,000 deaths in its wake, there is a lesser known flood that Read More

Orlando United Day

Today in Central Florida, residents have embraced Orlando United Day: A Day of Love and Kindness. This is a time set aside both to remind ourselves of the tragic event that took place at the Pulse Nightclub on June 12, 2016 and to consider the many acts of love and kindness that our leading city Read More

FL Medical Malpractice Decision

For the past 14 years, the State of Florida has been under the following medical malpractice statute: With respect to a cause of action for personal injury or wrongful death arising from medical negligence of practitioners, regardless of the number of such practitioner defendants, noneconomic damages shall not exceed $500,000 per claimant. No practitioner shall Read More