Emergency Generators Law

Within days of the nursing home fatalities after Hurricane Irma, Governor Scott issued the following emergency action: Pursuant to the emergency action, within the next 60 days, all assisted living facilities (ALFs) and nursing homes must obtain ample resources, including a generator and the appropriate amount of fuel, to sustain operations and maintain comfortable temperatures Read More

Talcum Jurisdiction

For those following the most recent cases over talcum powder and its potential links to ovarian cancer, the courts are being tested over jurisdiction, causing some of the current awards to fall in disarray. For example, last Tuesday, a Missouri appeals court dismissed a $72 million award because Missouri was not the proper location for Read More

The Door in the Ford

Since 2015, while Ford has appeared to be in the boon of the 21st Century auto market, a few small, but serious issues have been plaguing their greater success. One such issue is known as the faulty door latch, primarily impacting Ford trucks and costing the company more than a quarter of a million dollars Read More

Irma and the I-4 Project

During Hurricane Irma, on the east side of State Road 434, near the ongoing construction of the I-4 Ultimate Project, a three-acre retention pond collected far more rain than usual and broke open, flooding nearby homes that would have otherwise been fine. Unfortunately, while the retention pond was created specifically for the I-4 Ultimate Project, Read More

Tire Negligence

In September 2016, a South Carolina charter bus carrying a local football team collided with a bridge median after the front tire blew. The side wall of the bus was nearly all ripped off, leading to four deaths and dozens of injuries. Back in August of this year, the insurance company in charge of the Read More

The Cicilline Pledge

Traumatic brain injuries are becoming a familiar trend in collision-based sports, American football being at the top of the list. A recent study by the AMA has even shown that 99% of the brains examined on football players (of all ages) had some level of CTE, or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy. With all eyes on these Read More

Vegas Response Time

This week, lawyers stood alongside families of victims from the Las Vegas shooting and issued their case against police and local officials, arguing that the “response time” could and should have been much better. Yet police and emergency services were on site within 6 minutes of being notified that shots had been fired at the Read More

Nursing Home Losses

Early this week, two more people were identified as fatalities from the Hollywood nursing home that drew headlines after Hurricane Irma. That brings the total loss of life to fourteen. For those who may have missed it, the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills lost power and air conditioning during the storm, but did not make Read More

Hot Car Safety

On average, 37 children die each year in the United States from heatstroke in a hot car. And while it may seem that these deaths occur far from home in a parking lot with a bad parent, an unfortunate number of these children get caught inside the car while it is parked at home. And Read More

An Orthopedic Disaster

Johnson & Johnson has been taking quite a few hits lately, particularly on the issue of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. But there is another problem that has not drawn as much attention of late. DePuy Orthopedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has been in constant turmoil after it was discovered that their all-metal Read More