Changing DUI Laws

Last year, Utah made national headlines when they passed into law the most stringent DUI laws in the country. As it stands right now, in order for an officer to consider a driver “under the influence,” the individual’s blood alcohol content, or BAC, must exceed the national limit of 0.08%. But Utah dropped that number Read More

Back to Zero

On Wednesday morning, the counter clock on Days Since the Last Sunrail Accident dropped back to zero. One of the northbound trains struck and killed a pedestrian in Winter Park. According to preliminary reports from the Winter Park Police Department, this particular pedestrian entered the tracks intentionally, indicating a likely suicide. Last year, with a Read More

FPL Power Line Case

At the beginning of January, a family in Southwest Florida found some semblance of justice in a wrongful death case that went back nearly six years. In 2011, Justin Dominguez was climbing a bamboo stalk when he was electrocuted from power lines that were touching the stalk. Dominguez died several weeks later, having suffered catastrophic Read More

MLK on Unity

On May 17, 1957, after President Eisenhower had ordered troops to Arkansas for the swift and deliberate integration of schools and the African nation of Ghana had finally declared its independence from the British crown, Martin Luther King Jr placed himself into the national consciousness. He spoke to a gathering of nearly 25,000 in Washington Read More

No Wheel, No Pedals?

In this country, we dream and we imagine, then we build and we engineer. Over the last several years, a handful of major automakers have come forward to declare their goal of not only putting a self-driving, or autonomous vehicle on the road, but of putting into circulation a car with no steering wheel and Read More

Diesel Cheating

On Wednesday, Ford Motor Company was issued a legal complaint by truck buyers who argued that, despite the appearances and claims of fuel efficiency, the auto maker, like many others, had found a way to cheat the standards. According to this and other lawsuits, Ford had rigged nearly half a million heavy-duty trucks to pass Read More

Law Enforcement Appreciation

Since 2015, the Department of Homeland Security has encouraged citizens to recognize January 9 as National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day with the following sentiment: On this day we show our support for our nation’s approximately 780,000 police officers who put a badge on each day, knowing they may face extremely dangerous situations while carrying out Read More

The Walking Death

Fans of the Walking Dead may be enjoying the show and the acting, but not everyone has paid attention to the untimely and arguably wrongful death of stuntman John Bernecker, who died on set last July after falling more than 20 feet. On Friday, the US Department of Labor and their Occupational Health and Safety Read More

Recall Expansion

Back in August, we alerted readers to the recall of approximately 30 percent of Nissan vehicles due to faulty Takata airbags. But now, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, has expanded that recall to roughly 34 million vehicles for fear that when the air bags deploy in any number of makes and models, an Read More

Sunrail Expansion

Thirty six days have passed since the last reported Sunrail accident. Two more days and the previous record will be surpassed. But why are we counting the days between train accidents? Because they happen far too often. In 2017, there were eight accidents and six fatalities. In 2016, there were only three accidents, but 2015 Read More