Home Warranty Fights

Over the last two years, first time home buyers have been lured into closely contested sales with the added bonus of a home warranty. Sellers avoid dropping their price another thousand dollars in lieu of a warranty that they agree to cover. Buyers are made aware that the warranty is not the same as having Read More

The Fidget Liability

No one really saw the fidget spinner fad coming. One day a teacher saw a student playing with a spinner in the classroom and it was no big deal. The next day, every student and their parent had have a new toy to play with. While the fidget spinner has been marketed, in some cases, Read More

National Bike to Work Day

Friday will officially be known as National Bike to Work Day, but throughout the month of May, believe it or not, many have been taking up the challenge throughout Central Florida. Back on May 5, the City of Orlando scheduled a Bike to Work event that unfortunately got rained out. Then on May 8, the Read More

The Best of Film Fest

Last Saturday, May 13, Beers & Gordon was honored to sponsor the Best of Film Festival, featuring some of the greatest new short films from a wide array of producers and directors. The purpose of BFF is to make five separate film festivals available to the same audience on the same day. For example, the Read More

Dodge Ram Recall

Last Friday, Fiat Chrysler announced the recall of more than one million Dodge Ram pickups after an earlier lawsuit argued that essential side safety airbags and seatbelts were not deploying on certain models. The defect was evident in one fatality and two injuries during a motor vehicle accident within the last number of years. And Read More

Defining Negligence

Over the last number of years, Florida lawmakers have expanded the definition of negligence for the purposes of a wider accountability. But what exactly is negligence in the first place? And who gets held accountable? Negligence is the failure to exercise the degree of care expected of a person of ordinary prudence in like circumstances Read More

When No Charges Are Filed

On the day of the Ohio Primary last year, a multi-car pile up on the Combs-Hehl Bridge led to a tractor trailer hitting one of the cars over the edge. The horrifying scene, caught on video, show a car hurling end over end into the waters of the Ohio River below. But after a three Read More

About Aaron Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez was practically on top of the world when he served as a tight end receiver with the Florida Gators from 2007-2009. The Associated Press even called him an All-American Athlete. Hernandez then forfeited his senior year, choosing instead to enter the 2010 NFL Draft where he was selected by the New England Patriots Read More

Your Odds with the FDA

A compelling new study from the Journal of the American Medical Association now states that one in three approved drugs are still at risk of later safety warnings. Depending on the source, that figure has been touted as a win for pharmaceutical companies who always assume a certain amount of risk with the products they Read More

Motorcyle Safety Month

The Florida Department of Transportation is asking drivers to acknowledge May as Motorcycle Safety Month and Ride Smart. Below are just a few tips from the Ride Smart Florida website that may help save a life: First, look a little more closely at traffic intersections before you make a move. Motorcycles can blend into the Read More