About Car Hopping

Car Hopping / Vehicle Theft / Property Damage Attorneys / Oviedo Lawyers / Beers and Gordon P.A.Car theft is not so widespread and contagious that anyone should live in fear of losing their property, but everyone should at least be aware. A number of teens and preteens throughout Central Florida have been arrested or detained for an issue known as “car hopping” in which potential thieves wander lots in search of unlocked doors and windows. That means you have a simple task whenever you leave your car behind: close the windows and lock the doors. Even last year, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office issued an alert, pointing out that car theft was “still a problem” and pleading with residents to do just that: close windows and lock doors.

Earlier this year, NPR investigators spoke with a Florida journalist about one of the more dangerous problems that car hoppers have been trying.

When adults steal cars, it’s often about, you know, sending them off to another continent or chopping them up for parts, making money. When kids steal cars, they keep them on the streets. They’re using them as toys. They’re seeing how fast they can go – 160 miles per hour on the highway. They’re driving the wrong way. They’re chasing other friends in other stolen cars.

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